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Our high-performance / high-fashion active-streetwear is made with innovation using elevated techniques.

Follow these instructions to prolong the life of your piece:

Your active wear is already soft enough, using fabric softener can ruin the fabric and elasticity of your workout clothes.

Bacteria that linger can leave behind an unpleasant odour on your clothes, and if they sit in your laundry basket for long enough, the scent may transfer to your other items. After an especially intense workout where you break a lot of sweat, it’s a good idea to wash your active pieces immediately after.

For styles with high contrast splicing and/or prints, please wash your pieces separately from other garments, even if they are similar in colour! This keeps the colours from other garments bleeding onto light contrast areas, and lessens the risk of rubbing damage. Avoid washing active-wear with fleece material and towels, which can cause lint to transfer. Turn items inside out before washing (also helps prevent colour bleeding and protect prints). If you must wash together with other items, we recommend utilising a laundry bag to keep them separated in the washing machine.

Another simple way to prevent colour from fading + colour running is to wash your clothes in cold water. Washing clothes in hot water can cause certain stains (especially blood and sweat) to set in the clothes, so sticking to cold water helps keeps those stains from becoming a permanent fixture. Cold water also prevents shrinkage, a problem that happens to many garments when washed in hot water.

The intense heat from the dryer affects the way your clothes fit (with cotton pieces, there may be shrinkage when exposed to heat both in the wash and in the dryer). The heat can reduce elasticity and alter the performance of your active-wear. After you remove your clothes from the wash, turn them inside-out and hang to dry in a well-ventilated area away from the direct sunlight, as the sun makes colour fade much faster.


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